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Croc & Hide was established in the year 2000, when the young Henning Pienaar joined his parents at Lalele Crocodile Farm, a captivating oasis-style commercial crocodile breeding farm and park that had been founded in 1995. Nestled in the scenic valley of the Waterberg Mountains, near the town of Mookgopong (formerly known as Naboomspruit), in South Africa's Limpopo Province, Lalele Crocodile Farm became the birthplace of Croc & Hide. Driven by his youthful creativity and skilled craftsmanship in working with leather, Henning ventured into crafting belts and armbands. Initially operating under the name HJ Curio, his products were sold in the Curio Shop located within the park on the farm. It didn't take long for the demand to surpass the supply, prompting the establishment of a dedicated leather workshop, the employment of leather craftsmen, and the commencement of full-scale manufacturing. Croc & Hide specializes in the art of handcrafting genuine Nile Crocodile leather products, proudly made in South Africa. The leather used in our creations is sourced from our very own commercial farm and locally tanned in the country. We take pride in utilizing skins that would otherwise be discarded due to their low economic value, granting us the opportunity to unleash our imaginations and craft unique and extraordinary products. Inspired by the grandeur of the Waterberg Valley, each piece made from crocodile skin is meticulously designed and constructed by a Master Leather Craftsman with over two decades of experience and expertise. Furthermore, our collection of skulls and taxidermy items are produced locally by master taxidermists, ensuring that our customers receive a product of exceptional quality and durability. Croc & Hide has established itself as a distinct brand with a strong focus on producing authentic, handcrafted goods. When you acquire a piece from Croc & Hide, you not only possess an accessory of exquisite beauty but also become a partner in our commitment to responsible conservation. Our practices strictly adhere to the guidelines set by CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).

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Discover the allure of our enchanting crocodile park, relish delectable culinary delights at our distinguished restaurant, and immerse yourself in the treasure trove of our captivating curio shop.
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Lalele Crocodile Farm Portion 55, Welgevonden Farm (R520) Naboomspruit Limpopo 0560 SOUTH AFRICA
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Mon – Saturday & Public Holidays: 08h00 – 17h00 Sunday : 08h00 – 16h00 CLOSED ON MONDAYS OUT OF SEASON.